About Us

IRDA was founded in the year 2010 by a group of railway dieticians in order to create awareness about the importance of dietetics and nutrition in the treatment of various chronic diseases and maintaining good health .Also to spread information regarding dieticians working in govt. sector among the upcoming students and dieticians. The Headquarters of IRDA is at Western Railway, Mumbai.


Our Team:-


Presently All India Railway dieticians are its members .The executive body will be elected in every 3 yrs and are involved in various activities for creating awareness regarding health & nutrition at various divisional, Central hospitals and hospital of production units.

  • Annual national seminar:-

    IRDA organizes its annual national seminar at one of its railway hospitals every year.


  • The application of principles derived from the sciences of food, nutrition, management , communication & biological ,physiological, behavioural and social sciences to achieve and maintain optimal human health.
  • Providing evidence based practice by involving life long learning that involves continually posing specific questions of direct practical importance to patients and search for the current best evidence relative to each question and taking appropriate action guided by evidence..
  • To increase the no. of vacancies for the upcoming students in the field of dietetics & nutrition in govt. sector.